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Monday, March 16, 2009

Q8: Turkey

Gunipok asked:

Why eat 'turkey' on thangsgiving? Why in malay, its ayam belanda when we oredi say TURKEY, not Holland? And in chinese pulak, forgai? Moe tit lalang??


Dear HKK,

It was stated in the batu bersurat last time in Kuala Berang (no, not that Batu Bersurat. It's the other less famous one) that the Sultan sent 3 people to Turkey to learn about ways of making Turkish Delight around the year 1903 till 1905. As usual, the 3 persons went were semangat muhibah one. Ali, Beng Hock and Muthu.

Once there, Beng Hock decided not to come back. Rumors says that it's because of the Turkish Bath. Anyway, while 3 of them were there, only Ali and Muthu were on schedule, learning about Turkish Delight. Beng Hock pulak, always missing but can be found in the Turkish Bath places.

One day, the Holland garmen, sent 1 big bird to Turkey as present to tighten the friendship between both countries. Ali and Muthu, not knowing what bird is that mai ask the locals la. The locals also dunno. They just say Turkey Bird. But Ali and Samy dowan to sound rude to name the bird after the host country, so they called it Ayam Dari Belanda.

On the last day of training, Ali, Beng Hock and Muthu met at the pier.

Beng Hock: Eh, itu bulung apa nama?
Ali: Tatau la. Ayam dari Belanda datang.
Beng Hock: Apa Ayam Belanda? Sini Turkey tau.
Muthu: Aiyo macha, yennadei. Turkey kawan sama Belanda
Beng Hock: *feels cheated* Korang mau tipu sama saya ka!?
Ali: Kawan, kita talak tipu sama lu la..
Beng Hock: *mumbles* Siong for 9 ngo ah? Ming ming hai Turkey Kai lei geh!

Angrily, Beng Hock left the pier, leaving only Ali and Muthu naik kapal.

In the ship they discussed about this issue:

Ali: Just now why that Beng Hock says 'for 9 ngo'? Apa maksud?
Muthu, Tatau la.. Mungkin dia kata for kai ngo..?
Ali: Oh ya, kai is ayam bekos dia selalu kata mau makan kaifan.
Muthu: Mungkin For Kai is nama cina bagi Ayam Dari Belanda..
Ali: Beng Hock memang pandai..

Once they reached Malaya, they terus sent a report on their trip to the sultan, complete with the illustration of the turkey and the name Ayam Balanda in Malay and For Kai in Chinese. As usual, the recipe for Turkish Delight went missing along the way..

Why Thanksgiving must eat Turkey? Because chicken is too small and ostrish is too big to feed a family lor..

True story.

Hope we got your questions answered.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Q7: Bless You!

HKK asked:

Why do we say 'bless u' when ppl sneeze?, and what is the proper thing to say when someone farts or burps? They are afterall,sounds emitted fr within.


Dear HKK,

It was stated in the medical literature that was discovered by Robinson Crusoe in the 18th century during his expedition through the Native Americans that there are slimes covering our brain inside the skull.

This discovery was so great during that time, a medical revolution was started amongst doctors and scientists on the importance of this so-called slime. They name it brain juice. Or the scientific name brainco-juitis.

Then one day, one of the scientists, Prof Sinka while doing his research on this slime, sneezes and the goo came out from his nose! The doctors and scientists surronding him, were startled. One of the doctors quickly exclaimed ' May God bless you on the losing the brain juice!' However, Prof Sinka did not die. Instead, he just wiped off the brain juice and continue with his research. But the rest were not convinced.

Few minutes later Prof Sinka sneezed again and the same thing happened. And again, the rest says, 'May God bless you on the losing the brain juice!' This goes on every few minutes for the next 5 hours.

By the end of the day, everyone were tired. So, whenever Prof Sinka sneeze, they just say 'Bless you!'..

News travels like wildfire. In the shortest time, everyone in town started to say 'Bless you' when they heard anyone sneezes.

And what is the proper things to say when people farts or burps? Below is the best thing to say:

1) Fart: Woi! Pink kor hamkaling fong phei!!!

2) Burp: Woi! Pink kor hamkaling sik si lei!!!

Hope we got your questions answered.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Q6: Fish Spa

The other day Uncle Cocka asked me in YM:

Eh Winnkipedia, ask you hor.. Neh, those fish spa ah.. What is it ah? Why suddenly so 'in' one..?

Then I asked him to post the question in Winnkepedia lor.. But he says dowan. Shy wor. He scared people say him suaku. Oklah uncle. Dun worry. I wun say who ask me one ok?

But uncle.. Your question is too vague. There are too many aspect Winnkepedia can discuss. Let's narrow down ur question to one point ok..

Anonymous (*elbowed uncle cocka*) asked:

What is the history of Fish Spa?


This time instead of Science, we venture into history ok..

Let's travel back to the Egypt Empire time, circa 1400 BC. That time the pharoah very vain one.. Summore dun have proper shoes to wear, their feet always got blisters.

Then some of the ass kissers (aka chart high chai) of the palace found out that certain small fishes like to nibble on the dead skin of the feet. So these ass kissers mai brought in alot of these fishes from the Nile River to the pharoah.

Last time where got people so free go and do fish spa. Only the pharoah so vain and got so much time. So, alot of fishes are used just for a while and changed to a new batch. Supply more than demand ma..

Ask you la.. will u eat those fishes that feed on dead skin of the feet?

So, all the excess fishes how? Those ass kissers mai throw all back into the river lor..

Now, please take note that all these fishes are being fed with human flesh all these while.. *Jaws Theme playing*

And through evolution, these fishes is known as Piranha now..

Serious one...

Hope we got your questions answered.

Friday, April 25, 2008

5 months liao!!??

OMG, we at Winnkipedia are really embarrassed. It's already 5 months that we have not updated this knowledge-loaded blog. I am sure readers who are hungy for knowledge must be very disappointed with the lack of useful facts provided here (say liddis not embarrass one *lol*)..

The reason why this blog is left idle is because Liucas had been chosen to compete in the 1km Beijing Olympic Doggie Style Swimming Event. He needs to attend training almost everyday and missed all our Winnkipedia meeting to brainstorm for the best answers.


Anyway, the Winnkiepdia team is back on their feet again and started to review the 100+ questions posted by readers around the world (got Spore, NZ, Msia, Italy, Australia, Middle East = around the world lor).

Preview of the next post: Cocka asked about Fish Spa. What he dun understand, we got the answer!

So, let the questions roll in again!

p/s: Liucas is so free now although nochet Olympic is because he kena rejected. Reason is he dunno how to swim doggie style. He only knows butterfly stroke. *roll eyes*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Q5: Pictorial Answers

We at Winnkipedia will try our best to answer every questions posted to us. We try not to leave any stones unturned. But sometimes, just sometimes, some questions are better to be answered with pictures.

Laundryamah asked:

why Amah so sampat one?


Dear Amah,


*picture shamelessly stealed from this site*


Ahboy asked:

Liucas, whom u love more, your mummy or your daddy? Or u only love yourself and no hiu them?

Drchen asked:

Liucas loves whom the most? His mummy, his daddy or Dom Dom?


Dear Ahboy and Drchen,


Hope we got your questions answered.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Q4: Thirsty Fishes

Doreen asked:

Why wisdom teeth only came out in late teen or early twenties? If we don't need them for our first 18 years, then why have them after than?

Dear Doreen,

Due to the complexity of this question, we at Winnkipedia is having extra meetings to come out with the most accurate answer. At posting time, this issue is still under serious consideration.

At the meantime, let's answer some not so difficult, but equally informative question first.


Aceone asked:

Do fish ever get thirsty?


Dear Aceone,

After a couple of tests and observations, we manage to come out with a conclusion that hopefully will lighten your burden in thinking about this question.

The answer is, yes. Fishes do get thirsty although they are surrounded by water 24/7.

Let us explain why.

You see, in an aquarium, the fishes will pangsai (shit) and pangjiu (pee) into the water as well.

Due to the same reason, do you eat or drink from here?

Same theory, right?

But then you will ask, 'Eh, if liddat, fish drink what water?'

Ha.. we at Winnkipedia had this figured out. There should be a product that supply fresh clean water into the aquarium so that the fishes can have something refreshing to drink.

Hope we got your question answered.